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 Understanding and Approaching Hair Growth Treatments; The Sensible Secrets of Getting Results!

Hair Treatment Ideas

When looking for treatments on hair growth, it is important to understand a simple thing about healing; that it isn’t as easy as using a pill, or soap or shampoo, or even just doing a certain exercise or taking a certain drug.

For some reason, this common sense about treatment of ANY condition, be it hair loss or cancer, has been lost – if you wanted to get from point A to point B, wouldn’t you do everything you can possibly imagine, to get there? if you really wanted it that is?

This is the same with treatments for hair loss; although we are not trying to promote being commercial and buying everything off the shelfs – what is meant by this is trying to approach this with sensibility.

Firstly, understand, hair loss is not a disease or something; its simply hair not in the environment that they are allowed to grow – its that simple. Now you want to change that, so you look for “treatments”, which we don’t like to do, but since most people search for it this way, we had to even have that word in our domain name!

Anyway, to achieve a certain goal, be it hair growth or improving your body, you must change it on three different levels – now for the lack of words developed, we will use the words Mind Body and Spirit – but you need to forget the pre-existing definitions these words have carried from your past, as you might think, its just another new age crap; no, this is just an attempt to simplify something for the sake of communication.

So, for fastest treatment, you need to have the following areas targeted:


1. Mind: It is already proven that the mind has a direct influence on the body; You can prove it to yourself. Try to worry excessively; go on, try it; you will start producing a stress hormone at a higher than normal rate – this is what you call a direct mind body connection, where your emotions and thoughts can trigger a direct chemical response in the body!

So for the section of the mind; you need to remove clutter, the stress of your mind. Stress makes your internal system a very harsh place; especially stress of the mind where the person is unable to cope and falls into depression or self doubt – did you ever think you will read about this in a hair treatment website?

Also comes under the mind category, is your knowledge and understanding and perception of life; so learn more about the body than what you read on silly hair loss forums which are very limited. The mind also covers your willingness to change, to heal, to transform, whatever word you want to call it – this is one of the most important things you can develop, enthusiasm for life, no matter what it throws at you.

2. Body: The body consists of your exercise routine; are you doing enough balance of aerobics and anaerobic exercises every week? if you are very overweight, even then, you cannot simply lose hope (remember what we said above, in the mind part).


Body Involves Stretching, Exercises, DIet and then Pills and Shampoos for your hair.

Body Involves Stretching, Exercises, DIet and then Pills and Shampoos for your hair.

Build a great exercise program where you get breathless for at least 30 minutes a day; even jump rope (skipping) in sets of 30 for 1 minute durations is a great routine, so you don’t have to go jogging.

The body also consists of your diet; are you eating enough greens such as kale and spinach? These two are high in antioxidants and help the body with anti-aging, which is great for your hair.

The body also consists of what you are doing about the hair loss in terms of chemical balancing and removing inflammation; are you using any topical things like hair growth shampoos to remove inflammation? Are you taking any pills that are actually useful? This is when external products become useful, but they are useless if you don’t exercise and manage your mental thoughts and self esteem (because low self esteem triggers certain hormones in your body which stresses it!).

3. Spirit: This involves relationships with friends and family; as well as alone time. Do you have the right balance? Many people suffer from being alone, lack of connection with others even if they have a lot of friends; this too creates certain environments in your body to keep it as it is, or makes it get worse.

If you don’t believe in god, at least believe in nature and being one with nature. We all are part of it, and the more you try to disconnect with nature, the faster your aging process will become – for example, its not in our nature to lie; so when we do, the body uses up 10 times more energy, and releases stress hormones just to say 1 untruthful thing; of course, you might be so used to it, you probably don’t notice it anymore, but this is how the CIA can tell when you lie using lie detector methods – so at least, try to connect with nature, in whatever way you understand it; this WILL help accelerate your healing process on anything, but you must do everything you know, not just, oh I will try this pill and that lotion and hope for the best – that is not how you approach any body treatment!