Do Hair Growth Shampoo’s Work? What works?

hair growth shampos - do they work

There are a lot of hair growth shampoo’s and soap’s out there – they are said to work for hair growth and have lot’s of great reviews – but there are some area’s of this that needs to be understood.

There are lot’s of shampoo’s that talk about moisturizing dry hair, or repairing dry brittle hair – and after the first use, you notice the hair is no longer as dry or brittle; this does not mean the hair is actually in its best condition.

One has to understand that hair itself is dead – but the scalp is what is alive and producing the hair – most shampoo’s only work for the hair – in adding a layer of fat on the hair strand, making it look and feel moisturized and shinny – but you can get the same results by adding butter to your hair – it too will get rancid after some time, and further cause inflammation on the scalp, which makes hair thinner over time.

So the next time you see those moisturizing shampoos’ stay clear – unless they are giving you detailed research on how this is happening, do not simply go for the “added with vitamins and aloe vera” stuff – as this does nothing if applied on a dead hair strand.

If you are looking for some reviews on top hair growth products, please start by changing your lifestyle, and improving your over-all health – including emotional health (which people over-look). And if you still need help in finding the right product that works, please see our review’s section here.

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Advances in Natural Hair loss Treatments

Hair Treatment

Advanced in natural ways to help hair growth and stop hair falling are occurring every day – not exactly because of science going further, but because of natural old techniques of understanding the human body is being re-explored.

How is this possible?

Hair loss is an old problem that occurred in people – but only recently it is an even more common phenomenon in the western and eastern world, almost like cancer, except, perhaps not as serious to the loss of life, but surely damaging to the self esteem for many people.

Hair growth treatments that are natural need time and dedication to carry out – a key element in natural treatment is that you must do a scalp massage for 30 minutes a day without fail – whilst doing your treatment.

So for example, if you are using the Taoist Soap; it won’t be as effective if you do not scalp massage everyday without fail – you can even scalp massage twice a day if you have enough time – but make sure it is 20-30 minutes long, as this is the amount of time it takes to help push the lymph system and making it get rid of the toxins and blockages in any vessels.

So is scalp massage the only treatment to hair loss?

Of course not – here are some more treatments, used in a combination, are probably the most effective you will find anywhere else in the world:

- Scalp massage

- Nutrition balance

- Taoist soap for the scalp (use it at least 1 time a week)

- Exercise (combination of Yoga, Cardio and Body weight exercises 3-4 times a week)

- Meditation and relaxing exercises like slow walks and going on long breaks

- Medical Qigong such as the one taught here.

The above used regularly are probably the most powerful ways to help get your hair, and your health back in the fastest way possible. But it is better to consider this as a life style rather than just a temporary thing you do to get your hair or health back – otherwise you will deteriorate again and it wont help.


Does the Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo Work?

Alpecin Shampoo

Hair regeneration has been talked about in the scientific community for many years – as the idea of having a product that is patented and actually works, would do a lot of good for many people’s self esteem as well as the producers wallets.

This is why there are so many products for hair loss and hair re-growth – one of the heavily advertised one, called Alpecin Shampoo (has various versions of the shampoo) is one that is caffeine based and from an in-house study conducted by the same company concluded that adding caffeine onto hair follicles actually helps hair regrow and get thicker – is this scientifically plausible?

Not really – the experiment that Alpecin conducted was based on hair follicles in a test tube environment; this is not the same as the hair being inside the scalp. Also – in the experiment, the company let the hair drenched in caffeine for 24 hours a day – but with the shampoo, you only leave it on for 5 minutes or so, and wash it off – so even if it did work, you would need to leave it on 24 hours a day!

The video below done by another reviewer of Caffeine Shampoos, explains the same:


So is it worth buying for your collection of potential hair loss shampoos?

Not really worth it – as it seems that long term use can cause more problems on the scalp than it would actually help resolve – some users have even reported increased inflammation as well as more clumps of hair falling, although this was rare.

Are all Hair Loss Treatments Equal?

Hair loss treatment

Ever wondered what type of hair loss treatment is best for you specifically?

Often people either jump to hair replacement therapy as they usually believe that natural methods are not as intense – which is only a misconception when it comes to helping hair growth naturally rather than using pharmaceutical products.

There are many people that think that people suffering from hair loss, especially men, will surely go bald sooner or later – but this is really not the case, if you look at the right treatments for yourself, then you can surely maintain or even regrow your hair.

Regrowing anything these days sounds so science fiction to some people but this is not really a big deal when it comes to human bodies – this is because our skin is replaced completely in three months – so the skin you have right now, will not be the same you had 3 months ago – it would be completely new! The same applies to all your organs and even your bones (although bones take longer to replicate themselves) – so why should it be any different for hair? Especially if the capability of hair to form in areas of the body where it should not be in later life – it should not be a big stretch for the body to regrow hair where it once used to be – but effort and dedication is required.

People expect a pill or a liquid to apply on the head is enough to help this – but you have to understand, you are losing hair because something is not in balance in your body – just applying a silly lotion randomly won’t really do much unless you know the reasons behind what you are doing.

Hair loss is caused by inflammation – even if you have a hormone problem the ultimate thing that makes hair actually fall off, is inflammation – and one needs to work towards this to help stop hair loss – not only this, but to help general health – because if the body has to focus on vital functions if its not getting enough vitality from your patterns (diet, food and exercise).

So fix your diet – what is your ideal diet? Nutrition rich!

Fix your exercising routine – if you have never done it before – its never too late to start. Start by walking a long distance – then you can move to stronger things – always keep improving this.


Reviewing Hair Growth/Loss Treatments (UK, EU and Worldwide)

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