Zeavive Review – Is it Effective for Hair Re-Growth? Wrinkles? Anti-Aging?

Zeavive Cream Reviews


Zeavive has been under the spotlight for a while recently – but strangely they like to keep a low profile as they don’t need many sales a year, as they can only produce so many products per year, and not any more due to the lack of ingredients available.

This all sounds great, but does the cream work, and does what it says it does for customers? And what do the scientists have to say about this? Is there any scientific backing for Zeavive Cream?

Our team looked into this, thanks to industry regulatory chairman Dr. Sandro Sven from Switzerland had a few words to say:

“Zeavive should not even be classified as a cosmetic product, because it actually truly helps skin renew itself, and allows DNA to replicate better; this is revolutionary and unmatched by anything out there”

So does Zeavive have backing from its users too, as we can see the industry regulators seem to like them?


Well – at least 80% of users reported results that significantly helped their hair growth and the falling of hair after the first 4 weeks, and said they noticed they thicker hair by the 3rd month.

For people using it for wrinkles, 97% of users of Zeavive reported improvement within 2 weeks, and 100% reported overall visible reduction of wrinkles in 5 weeks. This is simply an outstanding result, and the study involved 50,000 males and females from 35 to 80 years of age – this study took 3 years to complete before even the launch of Zeavive.

Those using it for an overall appearance enhancer, to help improve dull skin – the results were phenomenal, and significantly improved the condition of the skin in 7 days. This study had 20,000 users of male and females between the ages of 35 to 80.

Not only that, but users who reported results, from seeing these results also were encouraged to carry out the advice offered to them by the company on changing lifestyle to a healthier one – with detailed explanation on nutrition and diet as well as mental attitude – of course, Zeavive representative did mention that they do not intent to create a following, but simply encourage people to find what is right for their bodies, and to stop relying solely on third parties.

Does Zeavive produce any customers who have reported allergies?

Currently there have been no reports of allergic reactions from customers. This is expected to stay this way as Zeavive does not contain any allergens. However it is always better to be sensible and apply a tiny amount to test and wait for 24 hours to be sure.

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good but use very little at time

Feb 22, 2015 by Daniel Ed

Works great and wonders on the skin and scalp. But secret is to use in tiny amounts otherwise its too strong for me at least. Good delivery times and good after sales support for guidance.

it works, no complaints here

Jul 02, 2014 by Daniel Fordson

works great, what more can i say. i used it for my hair growth so only applied it on my scalp, and it helped stopping the hair falling problem i have been having for ages now. used all kinds of drugs to help it stop but only minoxidil worked for a few months and then even that stopped working. now i have been using zeavive for about a year and never been happier!

Zeavive Review - Brilliant

Jun 27, 2014 by James Garison

Used this cream for 3 months now and i love it! I thought it was just another hyped up cream but knowing me, I still bought it, and don't regret it. Highly Recommended!

Side note: Only apply very tiny amount (a dot) on your hand and then to skin/scalp. This is how much you really need to see results from my experience as I applied too much in the start.

Does what it says

Jun 27, 2014 by Dan Small

I bought Zeavive when I found out about it from a doctor to my trip to London. he told me that it will help with my hair and can also be used as an anti-wrinkle cream, but I was very skeptic until i tried it. Its weird how it works for both but it seems to work very well so far.

best cream ever!

Jun 27, 2014 by Jessica Tedderworth

I have used Zeavive for 3 weeks now on my scalp and my skin on my face and not only has my hair reduced falling greatly (no hair in the shower or pillow falls anymore for days, normally used to be everyday) but my hair also looks thinker and i look brighter and younger.

Zeavive is my secret love and will always order more!

Hair Loss Treatment , USA 4.6 5.0 5 5 Works great and wonders on the skin and scalp. But secret is to use in tiny amounts otherwise its too strong for me at least. Good delivery times and good after sales support for g